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Monday, January 03, 2011

Long Live Pakistan China Friendship 巴基斯坦中国友好万岁

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao concluded his three day visit to Pakistan with historic address to Parliament on Sunday.

"Pakistan is a great nation and I feel I am at home here. The Pakistan-China friendship is in our blood. This is an evergreen friendship. The exemplary friendship between the two countries is higher than the Himalayas and deeper than the ocean." Wen Jiabao. Wen recalled a Pakistan saying, "A good neighbour is Allah's blessing", and narrated a parallel Chinese quote: "Value your neighbour more than your relatives living far away."

His address was a clear proof that the Chinese leaders were fully abreast of the challenges being faced by Pakistan as he pointed out that in recent years in the face of complex external environment and several challenges, Pakistan has remained committed to an independent foreign policy and firmly safeguarded its sovereignty.

It is because of the special nature of the relationship between the two countries that the Chinese leader received extraordinary protocol right from the entrance of his special aircraft into Pakistani airspace when two JF-17 thunder aircraft, one of the shining symbols of friendship as the fighter has been jointly produced by the two countries, escorted the distinguished guest. Apart from the traditional meetings with the President and Prime Minister, Chinese Premier met with leaders of all political parties of Pakistan. Rather, it was a rare mosaic of Pakistani political, religious, and territorial leadership gathering to welcome their all time friend in Islamabad. This gathering was indicative of the fact that, there exists no second opinion about Pakistan’s relationship with the People’s Republic of China. No global leader ever has such a reception and united response and indeed a spirit of love from Pakistan ever.

Following the establishment of Pak-China diplomatic relationship in May 1951, both countries has attained many milestones in their bi-lateral relationship. Pakistan, otherwise among the first few countries, which recognized this great communist state, proved its friendship by making strong lobby in getting the UN membership for China. The initial slow pace of mutual understanding got an impetus following the Sino-India war of 1962. In the era of Field Martial Muhammad Ayub, then Foreign Minister (later Prime Minister), Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto formalised this relationship on the strategic direction. Through his strategic vision, he made Pak-China relationship as an essential and never changing pillar of the Foreign Policy of Pakistan.

Even the most sceptical reader of reports of the visit by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to our shores would have to concede that it has exceeded expectations. International relations are never entirely static, they are shifting all the time, and nobody is a ‘forever friend’. To paraphrase Lord Palmerston - ‘Nations have no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. Only permanent interests’.

China's massive investment in this time proves two things. One is that China is a genuine ally of Pakistan, and second, it is a clear signal to the U.S. that if the U.S. supports India against China, China will support Pakistan. China is the main supplier of defence and military hardware to Pakistan. China has also helped Pakistan to build its main nuclear power generation facility and is helping build another one.

$20 billion of trade deals were made, a further $10 billion worth of deals were inked on Wen Jiabao visit to Pakistan and Chinese have gifted us a Pak-China friendship centre worth Rs2.5 billion. This landmark buildings in the federal capital, is a reflection of the deep rooted friendship between Pakistan and China. China has pledged to help resuscitate our energy sector – we only produce about 80 per cent of the electricity we need – and over the next five years 36 projects will be completed. A one-gigawatt nuclear power plant that, if built, could produce 8,000 megawatts of electricity by 2025.

Strengthening and promoting strategic, brotherly relations is our joint strategic choice and they are in the interests of two countries and their people. We should honour our ally by demonstrating that their confidence was not misplaced. The two Asian nations are close, friendly neighbors linked by common mountains and rivers, as well as all-weather strategic partners, and their multi-dimensional cooperation is built on the basis of mutual understanding, mutual trust and mutual support. In spite of changes that occurred in the regional and international environment, the friendship between Pakistan and China is time-tested and has turned increasingly firmer and much more solid as time goes by and is deep-rooted in the hearts and ethos of people of the two nations.

Win-win economic ties and friendly business relations is another area which will further cement the relations. Chinese government has always encouraged Chinese private entrepreneurs to invest in Pakistan in all areas, especially in energy sector. Pakistan would be well advised to seize this opportunity and gradually abandon its total dependence on the US and their exploitative tool the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and free itself from taking dictation from them.

The question here is whether our West-leaning leadership is prepared to pick up the hint and cast our lot with China. China is, indeed, a peace-loving country and it has neither bullied its smaller neighbours nor has it ever tried to extend hegemony over other countries. It is more interested in improving its economy rather than engaging itself in any military entanglement because economic strength can help increase military strength.

Here in Pakistan, where the security establishment has prevented the expansion of economic ties with India until there is some movement on political and security issues, the Chinese example ought to be studied. China has benefited enormously by treating economic needs separately from security concerns. Why can't Pakistan do the same?

Unfortunately, there are no indications that we have learnt anything from our Chinese friends by witnessing the economic miracles taking place there. Economy remains the least priority and the entire focus is on politicking and as a consequence even after 63 years of independence, we are still out with begging bowl. It is time we reorder our priorities, work hard like Chinese and devote fullest possible attention to achieve economic break through. Chinese have time and again demonstrated that they firmly stood by us and are eager to provide necessary assistance in this regard and it is now for us to exploit the opportunity to our advantage.



他的讲话是一个清楚地证明中国领导人的挑战,充分了解巴基斯坦面临着他指出,在复杂的外部环境和面临一些挑战,近年来,巴基斯坦一直坚定不移地奉行独立自主的外交政策,坚定不移地维护主权。这是因为两国之间的领导人说,中国接收到巴基斯坦领空的飞机在他的特别权力关系的入口非常特殊性质的协议时,架JF -17雷电飞机,作为友谊的光辉战斗机的标志之一已共同制作的两个国家陪同贵宾




套用帕默斯顿勋爵- '国家间没有永远的朋友也没有永远的敌人只有永久的利益。中国这个时候大量投资证明了两件事情。之一是,中国是巴基斯坦真正的盟友,二,这是一个明确的信号,美国说,如果美国支持中国印度,中国支持巴基斯坦。中国国防和军事装备给巴基斯坦的主要供应商。中国还帮助巴基斯坦建造核能发电的主要设施,并帮助建立一个又一个200亿美元的贸易协议进行了100亿美元的交易总值温家宝访问巴基斯坦和中国签署天才我们中国友谊中心价值Rs2.5亿元。在联邦首都这一里程碑式的建筑,中国和巴基斯坦两国间深厚的友谊根深蒂固的思考。中国已承诺协助抢救我们的能源部门 -我们只生产大约百分之八十的电力,我们需要-在未来五年将完成36个项目年。亿瓦的核电站,如果建成,到2025年可以生产8000兆瓦的电力





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